Steps to calculate cals and macros for fat loss

Tracking your calories is the toughest task and many people hate to do but once they understand the basics it will become the piece of cake.

  • First note down your weight in KG , height in cm and your age.

Let us take an example .

Weight 80 kg
Height 178 cm
Age 22 years


  • Calculate basal metabolic rate:

What is BMR?

Amount of calories your body burns at rest to maintain normal body functions such as breathing.

Here we will use Mifflin-st jeor formula:

BMR = 10 * Weight + 6.25 * Height – 5 * Age + 5

Eg: In our case BMR = 10*80+6.25*178-5*22+5 = 1808

  • Calculate daily calorie requirement :

This will take into account your activity variable. This means your physical activity that you perform on a daily basis. This variable will be multiplied by your daily lifestyle task that will be amount of energy you will burn.

Activity variable Examples
1.2 Desk job, little structural exercise
1.3 Light exercise (1-3 days a week)
1.5 Moderate exercise (5 days a week)
1.7 Very active and high interval training
1.9 Extremely active

So, once you figure out on which level you fall in. Simply take that factor and multiply it to your BMR.

DCR = BMR * Activity variable

Eg: For normal people activity level is around 1.5 so,

DCR = 1808*1.5=2711 calories

  • Determine your caloric deficit:

A pound of fat tissue contains 3500 calories. If you are aiming for fat loss it is recommended to deduct 20 percent of calories from DCR.

So, amount of calories required for fat loss = DCR * 0.8

Eg: In our case amount of calories required for fat loss = 2711*0.8 = 2169 calories per day for fat loss.


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