Macronutrient Calculator

Calculating your macros for any diet plan is one of the toughest thing that we face. First of all you need to realize what is your goal.There can be two possibilities.

  1. Fat Loss / Get Shredded / Build Muscle / Get Lean, so to achieve this we need to go in Calorie Deficit Diet which means you need to eat less than your daily calorie requirement.
  2. Gain Weight / Put on Muscle Mass / Gain Strength, so in order to achieve this we need to go in calorie surplus diet and it varies from men to women, so we need to eat more than our daily calorie requirement.

So, realization of your goal is a key factor in order to calculate your macros.


Related : Know more about Carb Cycling

The carb cycling diet is very simple,it works like this:

  1. Throughout the week, you rotate through 5 lowcarb days and 2 high-carb days.
  2. All days require a high protein intake.

Putting it all together

Low-Carb Day Macros 5x/week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
High-Carb Day Macros 2x/week – Monday and Thursday


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