Know Your Body Type ?

Know Your Body Type ?

Fitness is about living a fit and healthy Lifestyle and understanding your Body Type is important to create a diet and exercise plan which will help you to achieve realistic results.Before Starting any diet plan or opting any type of workout schedule, one must know about his body type. These Body Types are entirely influenced by Genetics and can determine the rate at which the body gains Muscles or Lose Fat.

So, Lets know your Body Type.

Are you a Male or Female ?





mesomorphMesomorph is that guy you knew in school who didn’t seem to do any sport but still had as good physique as anyone, who had a six pack when he shouldn’t have had. You are generally well proportioned and symmetrical build. You have a wide shoulders, narrow waist, hold muscle quite easily, has a muscular physique. You find it easy to put on muscle and you can also loose weight easily as well although if you overeat you can also put on fat. Mesomorphs are generally quite strong, athletic and bodybuilding, lifting weights is something that comes very natural to them.
TRAINING : Mesomorphs can pretty much train however they want. You can lift heavy weights or you can do high volume stuffs. You can also mix up in terms of cardio. If you train hard enough than you may not have to do any cardio but you can throw your cardio sessions just to regulate your metabolisms or some times if you over eat.
NUTRITION : A decent nutritional plan will keep you pretty much better than those people who are out there. In terms of your eating program your aim of the game is to be like a small calorie surplus maybe a couple of 100 calories i.e. staying in and around your DCR (Daily Calorie Requirement).

endomorphEndomorph is the complete opposite of the ectomorph. You tend to be quite round in shape. You hold a lot of body fat and have poor metabolisms. You usually have quite insatiable appetite and even when you don’t thing that you are eating much you feel like you can put weight and usually put weight for longer period of time. You have large amount of fat accumulation and often you fatigue easily. You struggle with maintaining a healthy body weight. Endomorph tend to be quite strong. In the gym they are usually muscular but you cannot see that because of the amount of fat that they are holding.
TRAINING : As an Endomorph when you train you try to keep your rest period as shorter as possible. You can go for more sets along with more repetitions kind of a workout. Ideally you need to burn more calories from training. You will be able to put on muscle quite easily so for you its try to do more of a high volume stuff. In terms of cardio you can perform both HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) as well as LISS(Less Intensity Steady State) so that you can burn some extra calories.
NUTRITION : The main aim for you to be on a calorie deficit so that your body start burning some of your fat. If you have high body fat and you go on a calorie deficit i.e. eating less than your DCR(Daily Calorie Requirement) then your body will start taking energy from your stored fat and that’s how you will loose your body fat. So the only way you can do that is to track your calories and making sure that you are on a calorie deficit. When it comes to eating you need to take high amount of protein, veggies and fruits that will keep you full for longer period of time and help you stay on that diet.

ectomorphEctomorphs are typical hard gainers. You tend to have narrow shoulder, narrow waist, flat chest, lacking some mass in booty area. You tend to have not a very big appetite but you can eat whatever you want and never seem to put any weight but unfortunately ectomorph struggle to put on muscle in accordance with not been able to put on the weight.
TRAINING : These are people with fast metabolisms and low body fats. The key to training is to burn as few calories as possible but stimulate as much muscle as possible so the best way to do that is to do compound exercises like dead lifts, squats, military press, bench press etc. You also need to take lots of rest between sets so that you can preserve your calories and to lift fairly heavy and try to break muscle fibers by keeping workout short intense and sweet. You definitely don’t want to do any kind of cardio, but if you insist in cardio then HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the way to go and you also activate some muscle fibers by doing that.
NUTRITION : The main aim is to save as many calories as you can and to be on a calorie surplus. you need to be eating high calorie food because you need to eat shell more lot of calories than other two body types. We recommend is to trying a weight gainer and if that doesn’t work or it’s not the way you want to go then you need to eat foods which are very calorie dense like nuts, chocolate may be even strategically have some unhealthy food like pizza basically foods high in calories. The aim is to be in calorie surplus and its the only way that you will gain weight and muscle from your training.


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