How to Customize your meal plan ?

We have created easy to use Calculator. All you have to do is to enter your Weight, Height, Age and Activity Variable and then retrieve your MACROS. If you have not calculated your Macros yet Check out – Macronutrient Calculator.

Do I have to hit my MACROS exactly?

While precision and consistency are optimal, being within 5g of each macro is acceptable and isn’t going to derail progress. Being over or under 50-60 calories on the day is a lot different than 500-600. Context is key.

Let us take an Example. There is a Person Name Shawn whose weight=80 Kg, Height=178 cm, Age=22 yrs and Activity Variable is 1.5

Low Carb Day
Macro Goals: 60/217/190 (Fat/Carbs/Protein):
  low carb day meal
High Carb Day
Macro Goals: 54/305/183 (Fat/Carbs/Protein):


high carb day meal plan


What do I do If I have gone Over my MACROS?

First, it’s good that you are aware that you have overshot your macronutrient intake. While that isn’t ideal, it certainly isn’t the end of the world.

As noted earlier, you don’t have to be too worried if you go over your MACROS by few gram here or there.

However, if you slip up by a large amount (e.g. 15% more carbs than your goal called for), for whatever reason, the best solution is to make up the difference the next day by deducting carbs and fats from your goal intake (do not cut protein intake). See below for
an example of how this would work:

Goal Macros: 60g Fat / 217g Carbs / 190g Protein
Actual Macros: 70g Fat / 247g Carbs / 190g Protein ie. (+10g fat, +30g carbs)
Therefore, the following day we will deduct an equivocal proportion from carbs and fat intake. This is also known as Incidental overeating day.

So on the following Day,

Goal Macros: 50g Fat / 187g Carbs / 190g Protein.As you can see we have deducted 10g of fat and 30g of carbs.

Note : if you overeat Protein by large amount deduct that many amount of carb intake the next day.



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