Healthy Cheat Meals

Cheat Meal is a common term used nowadays to refer to the meal which is not a part of the prescribed diet plan. This helps the individual to quench his/her cravings and let them concentrate back on their plans.

Cheat Meal is a deliberate increase of carbohydrates during a calorie deficit, lasting between 1-2 days.Usually Cheat Meal refers to fat-laden junk food, and who doesn’t love the taste of junk food, after all everything that’s worst tastes better.

But are they really that Bad?

Answer : It depends. There are few junk foods that can be good Cheat Meals, under few conditions.

Let’s talk about these Healthy Junk Foods.

Dark Chocolate Pudding


Dark chocolate puddings are better than any other type of pudding as they are rich in Antioxidants just like Green Tea- which are very good for heart and moreover puddings are actually quite tasty.


PizzaPizza particularly the ones that are topped with fresh vegetables and cheese rather than the ones with fatty meat. When made right a Pizza can be a good source of Calcium, fibres and vitamins. Whole-Wheat crust are more healthier than normal crusts.


PopcornPopcorns provide high volume for relatively less calories, infact 3 cups of popcorn provides only 150 calories. Adding Yeast to your popcorns makes it more cheesy and makes it more nutritional too as it is rich in Vitamin B and Protein.


GelatoCompare to normal Ice Creams, Gelato carry 30% less calories as it is made with real milk instead of using cream. To control calories and to have taste at the same time ½ cup of gelato is quite enough.


ChocolateA one-ounce serving of chocolate is really good in curing Chronic Diseases and also reduce the stress level. Don’t worry about only eating Dark chocolates, it’s better to stick with 150 cal proportion of whatever you like best.

French Fries

French FriesIt’s stunning that even French Fries can be pretty good, as they are a good source of Vitamin C and fibers too. Cooking them in the used oil s the biggest problem. Instead of frying them, Baked French Fries and brushing oil over them while baking is better for health.


PistachiosEven though they are higher in calories, de-shelling them makes you less hungry and all the Healthy Fat and Protein present keeps you fuller for long. They are rich in essential nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium and Fibers.

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