Gym Workout Schedule For Beginners

This is the beginner level workout but at the end of this you will realise that this will take maximum out of you. After completing each schedule you will definitely see the results. The main focus of our team is to make you guys comfortable with your body weight.

Always Remember : The Key To Your Strength Are Pull-Ups. The more you are comfortable with your body weight, more the strength you will gain with time.

Bodybuilding OR “Building your Physique” is not a ONE day or a ONE month Game. It’s the complete PROCESS and you need to enjoy it at every STEP of your goal.

Let’s Get Started .

But before Starting you also need to take care of your NUTRITION. In your Workouts you will break your muscle fibres but with proper nutrition only you can repair it. So first check out How to Customize your meal plan ?

This is our 180 days complete package. It is divided into 5 schedules.

  1. First 15 days will be your overall body workout and each day we will hit all the major as well as minor section of our body.
  2. Next 30 days will be your Schedule 1 where we will focus more on Rep Ranges that will open your muscle fibres.
  3. Next 45 days will be your Schedule 2 where there will be slight change in the motion of our workout.
  4. Next 90 days will be where the real game begins. Here we will go Heavy and try to build as much Strength as Possible and here we will get comfortable with our Compound Exercises. It includes Schedule 3 and Schedule 4.

NOTE : As the rep range decreases the weights increases. Try to lift as heavy as possible and with proper form. You will not perform drop set in this schedule. So chose your weight accordingly to complete the given amount of reps.

MIX: (15 days)


Mix Exercise for 15 days schedule



Mix Exercise for 15 days schedule

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