Casein protein

Like Whey Protein, Casein is also extracted from milk especially cow’s milk. After adding a coagulant to the milk, the liquid part is known as Whey and the solid insoluble part is used for Casein extraction. Standard Milk Protein consists of around 80% Casein.

Like all the other proteins, Casein is rich in amino acids. But as it is derived from animal source, it contains all the essential amino acids required for proper functioning of body. This protein consists of important Peptides which slows down it’s digestion and helps in extracting all the essential amino acids before it’s complete digestion in the intestines.

Casein Protein

Recommended intake of Casein Protein is similar to Whey Protein and should be used according to the activity level of a person.

For example :

An Athlete with highly active routine wants to lose body fat, while preserving Lean Muscle Mass should intake 1.5-2.25 grams of Casein per Kilograms of his Body Weight daily.
An Athlete with highly active routine wants to lose body fat while preserving Lean Mass should intake 1-1.5 grams of Casein per Kilogram of Body Weight daily.
A person with a desk-bound and a physically inactive routine wants to stay healthy, should intake 0.8 grams of Casein per Kilogram of Body Weight daily.

Obese Individuals must consult a proper dietician before including it in your diet.

Few benefits of Casein Protein are :

Muscle Building

During the process of Muscle building, adequate amount of protein intake is helpful in muscle recovery. Use of Casein after high intensity resistance workout has been known to increase the muscle protein synthesis, which proves to be essential for muscle building.

Weight loss

Usually all kinds of Protein are associated to weight loss. This is due to the fact that, digestion of Protein requires the burning of body fat in order to produce energy.

Slow Digesting Process

One the major advantage of Casein is that it’s a slow digesting protein and it takes around 5-7 hours to digest it completely. Mostly a fast absorbing protein is considered as a post-workout meal to replenish the muscles, but Casein Slow digesting feature is useful as a pre-bed snack. It recovers all the muscles during the night time and helps in building lean muscle faster and effectively.

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