Carb Cycling

The main advantage of carb cycling is that you can burn or loose fat while maintaining or building lean muscle. The carb cycling diet is very easy to understand. Throughout the week you need to rotate through 2 High Carb Day and 5 Low Carb Day but keeping in mind that all day require a high protein intake. Carb cycling acts as a means of regulating your endocrine system and thus metabolic rate. When you impose aggressive, chronic energy deprivation on yourself such as when dieting for fat loss, your body compensates by lowering its demand for energy that means metabolic rate gets slow.

The basic survival mechanism in many organisms is lowering metabolic rate. It would be inefficient for an organism to be burning through energy rapidly when nourishment is restricted. A lower metabolic rate means your metabolism is actually becoming more efficient and that’s right, MORE efficient.

If your goal is fat loss, that does not mean that you need to be metabolically efficient but one need to be more metabolically inefficient.

Let us take an example by considering your metabolism as a vehicle and food is your fuel source. Less efficient vehicle will need more gas to travel the same distance than a more efficient vehicle. So if you want to eat more (e.g. maximize the amount of gas you need to get from A to B), you better decrease your metabolic efficiency…or start shopping for a Hummer.

carbs cycle

Metabolic Reactions

The most notable endocrine adaptations associated with chronic energy deprivation are the lowering of thyroid hormones (thryonine) and the fat-secreted hormone (adipokine) leptin. This will impact your metabolic rate for two reasons:

  • Leptin’s primary role is regulating metabolic expenditure as well as caloric intake, both of which have obvious implications with regards to body weight.
  • Thyroid hormone acts on every body cell to increase metabolic rate.

Carbohydrates specifically have been shown to have significant stimulatory effect on metabolic rate ,thyroid function and leptin production. Therefore, Carb Cycling is handy and  the sensible solution to avoid diet and exercise induced metabolic slowing is to acutely increase energy intake (especially carbohydrates) to help revive hormonal and metabolic factors.

High Carb Day
  1. Make you feel full and energized.
  2. Replenish glycogen stores that fuel your muscles.
  3. Stimulate an insulin response that enriches nutrients in your muscle cells, causing them to grow.

There will be 2 High-Carb days per week, and they will occur on Monday and Thursday.

Low Carb Day
  1. Keep your body more receptive to insulin, improving your body’s muscle-building response.
  2. Promote fat loss by tricking your body into burning fat for fuel (instead of the sugar from the carb it would normally get).

There will be 5 Low-Carb days per week, and they will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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